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The “Storytelling System”

May I Inspire
The Right People
To Buy from You Today?

In April of 2016 an Insurance Agent in Washington state hired me to write two lead generation e-mails for his business. The goal was to persuade mothers and fathers to contact him about buying life insurance.

Instead of writing “salesy” and generic e-mails, I did something different. I wrote two “story e-mails”, designed to inspire fathers and mothers to contact my client. Why?

Persuasion can feel like coercion. Inspiration comes from the heart.

Both e-mails were sent to mothers and fathers on his contact list, on May 15, 2015. To date these “story e-mails” have done the following for my client…

  • Generated over $11,000,000 in life insurance policies
  •  Placed him in the national top twenty list of Insurance Agents in his company
  •  Put him top-of-mind with his people looking for a life insurance policy

How did I do it? I used a my writing system called……

The “Storytelling System”
That Inspires People
To Buy from You

I created the writing system designed to tell the powerful stories of businesses like yours. It’s called “The Storytelling System”. It’s my exclusive one hundred-step process to inspire people to buy from you.

Why did I create this profit-producing writing system?

We were raised on stories. Everyone who comes in contact with your business is looking for stories. When people read your written messages, they want stories. These include the……

  • Customer Service Story: Stories about how you treat and serve your customers
  •  Product/Service Story: How your product or service changed someone’s life
  •  Follow-Up Story: How you followed up with a customer or prospect

Unfortunately, businesses consistently tell two stories in their online and print platforms nobody wants to know……….

The Two Stories
People Don’t Want

Nobody is looking for the “Me Story” or the “Selling Story”. These story-types turn people away from your business. Let’s take a quick look at both.

The “Me Story”: This story gives background on your company history, number of employees, years in business and so on. It doesn’t tell people how you will improve their lives.

The “Selling Story”: This story screams, ‘buy, buy, buy!’ Nobody likes to be sold. Yet, many business websites and brochures share the Selling Story as much as possible. It drives people away from you.

These two story-types are told, because businesses forget something about their stories. I don’t usually do this, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There are…….

Three Things Your
Stories Must Do

Confirm a Belief: We all have a belief system. If anything or anyone conflicts with our beliefs, we will resist. But if a product or service confirms what we believe we will be interested in buying.

Fulfill a Desire: Right now, there’s a desire you want fulfilled. It could be better health, more money or a vacation. If you see a product or service can fulfill your desire, you will want it.

Resolve a Fear: People fear the unknown, loss, pain and more. A product or service that resolves fears tends to bring in more customers and money. Resolving a fear brings peace-of-mind.

There are many ingredients needed to tell your powerful story. I use them all in my “Storytelling System”. That’s why………

I’m Ready to Tell
Your Powerful Stories

I’m your E-mail Wordsmith and Adviser, Clyde McDade. I specialize in telling powerful, stories to sell books, publications, products and services that change people’s lives. Using my “Storytelling System”, I inspire people to buy from authors, publishers and health-based businesses.

Projects I write for include……….

  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Websites
  • Landing Pages

Reasons to Work
With Clyde McDade

Why am I uniquely qualified to write for your health-based business?

Reason #1: Telling Stories Since 1987

I’ve been writing short stories, books, plays and scripts for twenty-nine years. I know how to craft a powerful story, people cling to, believe and act on. The stories I tell about your offers are true, helpful and memorable.

Reason #2: Health Industry Experience

During my twenty years working in the health industry, I helped the elderly maintain their dignity and independence as a Certified Nurses Aide.  I helped mom’s and dads, locked in muscular pain return to their lives after being injured in vehicle and work accidents.

Reason #3: Health Knowledge

My family and I work out, eat right and take health supplements. I understand the importance of staying healthy. I’m trained in the systems and structures of the human body. These include muscles, blood and digestive systems.

Two Easy Options
To Get Started

Option #1: Complete the “Story Form”

If you’re ready to let me tell your powerful stories, kindly fill out the Story Form.   It’s located on the right side of the page under the newsletter sign-up form.  In the subject line put “Tell my story”. Provide your contact information and the type of project you need written. I will contact you within twenty-four hours.

Option #2: Request a Copy Kit

Do you want more information instead? Please request a free Copy Kit. It explains who I am, my experience and results I have brought for my clients. Provide your name and e-mail. In the subject line put “Send Copy Kit”.

There’s one more key benefit to the Storytelling System……………….

Stories Remove Sales Resistance

I’ve learned my Storytelling System” removes sales resistance. The stories I create remove the threat of being sold. Instead your stories will inspire people to buy from you instead of your competitors.

Contact me today. Send your project request through the Story Form or request a Copy Kit, today.  I know you may be thinking, “how do I know this works?” Here’s a promise I make and keep to all of my clients.

My Personal Guarantee

I will keep working with you until my “Storytelling System” brings you the results you want.  If I have to rewrite your project, I will do so at no extra cost.   My goal is to bring you results, nothing less

I look forward to inspiring people to buy from you.


Clyde McDade
E-mail Wordsmith & Advisor
Beach House Creative

“Inspiring people to buy from you.”

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