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The “Missing Link” In Your E-mails

Businesses can send out so many e-mails, subscribers get taken for granted. There’s an element to e-mails easily overlooked by businesses marketing online. What is it? First, let me ask you a question. Are your e-mails selling-based? If so, you’re missing the boat.

Today, subscribers (real people), are blasted with “selling-style” e-mails, daily. When I check my own inbox, it looks like one hundred sales people are at my door.  All of them are knocking and yelling, “Buy, buy, buy”!

Here’s the deal. I get it. We’re all in sales whether we want to admit it or not. But guess what, fellow online marketer? At the end of the day, we’re still dealing with PEOPLE. So, what’s the “missing link” in your e-mails?


The “Missing Link” You Need

The “Story Element” is the critical piece to any e-mail you send to your lists.  No matter how sophisticated or educated your subscriber is, they’re wired to pay attention to stories. How important are stories?

According to Box Office Mojo, here were the top three movies for the weekend of October 21-23, 2016…..

1. Boo! A Madea Halloween: $28,501, 448.00
2. Jack Reacher Never Go Back: $22,872,490.00
3. Oujia: Origin of Evil: $14,065,500.00

People don’t spend their hard earned money on the movies for nothing. They do it, because they love great stories. The question for you is do your e-mails offer any compelling stories?


Examples of Compelling E-mail Stories

First, what story do you have about your product changing a subscribers life?  I would ask the same about your service. These are the things subscribers want to know.  Why? Because authentic stories grab them emotionally and provide proof what you offer, works.

What about your “Customer Story”? Does your e-mails contain stories about customers who were thrilled with the service and results they received from your company? If your e-mails only share what you’re selling, nobody cares.  In fact, you miss out on the “Hidden Element” of all advertising and marketing……


The “Hidden Element” That Increases Sales

The success of any campaign is tied to how many customers tell prospects about your product, service and business. It’s one thing to make an initial sale to a subscriber. But the real money comes in as they continue to buy and persuade others to do the same.

If you want to know the power of this, look at yourself. The last time you bought something you loved, how many people did you tell? I bet at least ten. How many of  them followed your “buying advice”?

Your subscribers will do the same if you give them powerful stories to tell about your business. Otherwise, you’re just like your competitors. A bunch of salespeople begging people to buy from you.


It’s Time to Act

If you’ve been on the fence about using a “Story Element” in your e-mails, it’s time to act. Start identifying stories about your business. The best place to look is in customer reviews and testimonials.

These are the places where customers tell the truth about you and your business. I know, I know. Not all reviews are accurate. Bad news….MOST ARE!

Do you know a company with an e-mail database of 10,000+ e-mail subscribers? Do they not have the time or energy to write their own “story-based” e-mails? Have them contact me today.

I created the “Storytelling System”. It’s designed to inspire people to buy from you and tell others about it.

They can reach me at Write “Tell my story” in the subject line.

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