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Marketer of the Month-May 2016

If you enjoyed last month’s Marketer of the Month interview, you will love the May version!  Justin Foster of LiveClicker gave an interview on e-mail marketing I won’t forget.   What he shared could increase e-mail response in the double digits.

Do you use e-mail to attract prospects and customers? Are you looking for a potential boost in response?   I invite you to read Justin’s answers carefully and take notes.


How to Increase Customer Engagement and Conversion in Real-Time

Hello Justin and thanks for joining me today. Can you tell us about your role with LiveClicker?

I’m the Co-Founder and VP of Market Development. I also oversee our sales team. Like it says on our website, I specialize in e-commerce and online marketing.


What’s one challenge e-mail marketers are having trying to engage and convert customers with e-mail campaigns?

There’s a lack of access to data. Data is the foundation of personalization, without it marketers e-mail messages haven’t been personalized in 75-80% beyond someone’s first name.


What are the top 3 three mistakes you see in e-mail campaigns that hurt engagement and conversion?

Failing to understand the context of the recipient and failing to personalize it beyond each person’s context. I’m talking about being relevant.

We live in a world where people access e-mail from mobile devices. They may be traveling. They may open their e-mails at any time of the day or night.

Marketers are missing the opportunity to be relevant with this urgency. It’s the time when customers open their messages while using mobile devices to do it. But those messages aren’t as relevant.

For example, 90% of e-mail marketers aren’t delivering a relevant or personal message and its hurting their conversion. Of the e-mail messages they send, 75-80% aren’t relevant.

They haven’t understood you can use contextual relevant messages as soon as it’s opened even without the information.

Another reason is over-mailing. The reason why brands over-mail is because e-mail works, right? If you push out two messages, you can still generate sales and leads. Stats from Experian show a 17% increase in overall e-mail volume in 2013-2014. People in e-mail marketing are lobbying for sending more e-mail.

I’m about sending more e-mail, intelligently. Making sure if you’re doing more messages you’re adding more value in those messages.

There’s also been a failure to capitalize on target behavioral data. AudiencePoint is valuable, because they use information, based on past click behavior and can recommend what messages should be sent out next, to your customers.

You can boost revenue this way. You can deliver messages through a welcome series, based on browse behavior. These things aren’t new, but most marketers don’t take advantage of these platforms.


How does Google’s announcement about penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly affect e-mail campaigns?

It doesn’t impact e-mail from a mobile standpoint. They can deliver app and device specific messages when people open them. Right now, 50-60% of brands have mobile-friendly e-mail messages. But app-specific messages aren’t real explored today.


How does LiveClicker help companies increase results in these areas?

One option is through RealTime Email. You can leverage data collected the second your message is opened. We provide Real-Time elements. The first element is the Live Countdown Timer and E-mail.

Based on the exact second a customer opens an e-mail, we can show the minutes, hours or days it takes until a purchase is made. We’ve seen a 78% increase in click-thru rates through A/B split tests and a 13% increase when placing orders.

The second element is Live Local Maps. We integrated Google maps and Microsoft Bing. If I get an e-mail message from AllState it means I may have given them my information a long time ago.

Let’s say I’m traveling in New York when opening the e-mail. LiveClicker can put in a Live Map displaying where the closest agents are with their contact information. I’m talking real-time geo-data, even if Allstate didn’t know where I was going to be.

The third element is video in e-mail. When done well, video drives persuasion. We can detect if a male client has opened your message. We can serve a live video right inside your e-mail.

We’ve seen 35-45% more response when video is embedded in the e-mail. It’s because of mobile device use. iPhone and Android devices don’t support auto-play for video. You have to tap on a video more than once for it to play. But with embedded video in the e-mail all it takes in one tap.


Can you give us one or two examples of results your solutions produced for clients?

Yes, below are stats, based on client case studies. You can have VideoE-mail examples mailed to you. Visit Type in your e-mail and choose to have the examples you want sent to you.

Sony Electronics: Increases Customer Engagement, Boosts Click-through Rate 300-400% Using LiveClicker’s RealTime Email.

Game of Thrones: drove 1.25 million video views through video in email. 78% increase in click rates.


Based on your experience, what’s a coming trend in e-mail marketing that can increase customer engagement and conversion?

The next generation of personalized e-mails, will combine real-time, preference and behavioral data. You’ll be able to this information to predict what type of offer or element-type should be displayed inside e-mail campaigns to make more intelligent predictions.

Thanks Justin for your insightful answers. I’m sure you opened some eyes today.

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