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Marketer of the Month-December

Hello Everyone!  I’m spoiled rotten when it comes to the people I know in business.  Another example is Karina Taugwalder of Online Presence Care in Colorado.   We sat down last month and talked about the importance of web design in marketing your business.  As you can imagine there’s more to a website than meets the eye.


Clyde: What is the biggest complaint businesses have about their website?


Karina: Neither the owner or visitors can find anything on the website.  They say navigating or moving through the website is too hard.


Clyde: What is the biggest misconception about web design?


Karina: There are four things that come to mind.


1. People think the website is done when it’s designed.  They forget it’s a living document that needs updating.


2. People think a website is easy to design and build.  Personal thought requires a lot of thought.


3. People think it’s all about the look and structure, but it’s also about the content.  Content is king.  As a Web Designer, I design the look around your content.  I’m talking about video, words, etc.  Also your images and videos should go hand in hand with your content.  Images should not over power your content.  They should accent your content.


4. People believe once your website is done it will be automatically seen on the internet.  But it takes time for the robots to index your pages and be pulled up when visitors are searching with keywords.  This process can take 1-2 months.


Clyde: How can the design of your website attract more prospects and customers?


Karina: Your content has to be clear.  It needs to be less jargon.  Use bold and italics.  Give your prospects and customers tips through blogs and your home page, because they want to learn things.  If they read good content and tips, it increases your trust.  The possibility they become a client of yours is higher.  Also don’t be afraid to offer webinars.


You don’t want your website too technical or use too much marketing jargon, because people will get turned off.  You have to educate them in lamen’s terms.


The tips you offer are about value, because you must offer value.  As a Web Designer, I have to put myself in the shoes of my target market; “how can the client benefit from my services?”  It’s not about me as the Web Designer or my business, but about people who may want my help.



Clyde: What are some common web design mistakes you see?


Karina: There are many mistakes you can make, but here are some of the most common ones I see and help clients resolve.


1. Some sites have too many distractions with images.  Flashing animation or video starts playing automatically.  As a Web Designer, I may want to give my clients the manual option, so they can control it.  On mobile devices this type of content uses up your cell phone data.


2. Another one I see is confusing navigation; it’s not clear where to go on a website or where people will end up.


3. Clicking on an external link; it should quickly open up a new web page.  When this doesn’t happen, it causes the business owner, employees and site visitors to get lost.


4. For a Web Designer, you have to design the website for the audience not the businesses.  Business owners believe it should be to their liking.  It can be a challenge to convince businesses to design it for their audience, because it will make sense for the audience.


Clyde: Which pages on a business website, do people visit most and why?


Karina: Some of my answers may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many businesses don’t know this about their website.


1. Home Page: it’s the main landing page or entry into your business.


2. The About Page: this page gives visitors more detail about who you are, and why you do what you do.


3. Services Page: people want to see what you offer.  They want to know if they can benefit from your services.


4. Prices: this can be a deterrent, since you don’t want people to leave a page sharing what you can offer them.  But you can list your basic prices if you want.  But don’t put all of your pricing on your Prices Page.  People love to comparison shop.


5. Tips Page: on this page you establish yourself as the trusted expert in your industry.  The tips should be information website visitors can use to solve one or more problems today.



Clyde: What are some best practices for driving more prospects and customers to your website, through social media channels?


1. Post original content: visitors want to see your originality, so make sure the majority of posts are yours.  You can intermingle posts from other sources.  It’s important to share their website links out of respect.


2. If it’s your own content it should always link back to your website and link to the corresponding page or blog on your website; otherwise known as “back linking”.  You do this, because you want them to land on your website.  


3. Again, offer tips.  People like tips, see what’s new, themes, be entertained; use an inspirational quote or image.



Clyde: Why should you hire a web designer to build your website instead of doing it yourself?


Karina: There’s a ton of competition out there among website builder tools.  If you build one yourself, you will use a website building platform like Weebly.  But these do-it-yourself web building tools have limitations.  You can’t customize as much, due to the texture, structure and content.  And linking with social media channels can have limitations.  


When it comes to actually adding specific code for Google Analytics for visibility, you have limitations.  Also, you can’t improve your site as you go, which is key for driving more of the right visitors to your website.


Clyde:  What website building tools are you referring to?


Karina: These include WIX, Square Space, Weebly and others.  Here are some more limitations you can expect.  They have built-in flash that’s not search engine friendly.  The robots have a hard time indexing your web pages. The chances your website is found on the web is limited.  Some limit you to one page.  That’s fine if you’re talking about a single landing page to feature one product or service.  But what if you need more than one page?


Some free or low cost website building platforms are no good for robots to index your web pages.  This can lower your Page rank and make your web pages hard to find.  Still others aren’t analytic enough.  You don’t get the reporting on website traffic you need to have.  And they don’t give you full control; the company still owns the website, not you the owner.


Remember, your website is a living document.  Some website building platforms, may limit the changes you want to make to your website.  You may want to add to your design, but there may be an added cost.  Some web building platforms won’t allow any changes and you have to use a different web design program.


Clyde: What sets you apart from other Web Designers?


Karina: I’m customer-care oriented; I actively listen to what you need.  I’m solution-oriented.  I look at your challenges and come up with solutions.  I consistently follow up on the status on your project.  I communicate through e-mail, text or phone.  Communication is the key to keep a project moving forward.  I make sure there’s no missed communication.


If I design your website, I’ll give you full access and train you, so you can maintain your own content if needed. Here’s one of the biggest complaints I come across;  Some Web Designers build a site, but they take off.  The client can’t access their site and are hung out to dry.  You paid money for your site, so it should be your property.  


After your site goes live, I make sure I provide you support up to 3-4 months.  I want to make sure what I did is beneficial to you.  Checking key words and how your site is ranking.  I send a report, so you can see how your site is performing.  In working with me, you’re getting a Web Designer, Computer Trainer, Social Media and Marketing Productivity Coach.


Clyde: Wow, it sounds like you really take care of your clients, Karina.  Thank you for spending time with us today!  How can potential clients get in touch with you for help?


Karina: You visit my website at  You can contact me at  And thank you Clyde!











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