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E-mail and Website Copywriting

WHAT I DO: I write promotion e-mails and websites that attract people who want solutions to their unique challenges and problems.  I show my clients how to properly use e-mail and website marketing to attract the right audiences who want their products and services.


WHO I WORK WITH:   For e-mail copywriting I work with newsletter and information publishers focused on health, education courses, personal finance, real estate and self-help.  For websites, I work with businesses who need benefit-rich content to attract website visitors and inspire them to do business with you.


WHY IT WORKS: I partner with my clients to learn the stories behind how their products and services improve or change the quality of people’s lives.  I’m able to tell these stories in a clear, easy-to-read and understand format, people identify with and respond to.


HOW I DO IT: I use my “Storytelling System” to inspire people to buy from you.  I do this, by finding the true stories about how your product or service changes lives.  This story-based system touches people emotionally and logically.  They’re inspired to buy, because they want the same story to happen in their lives.


WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: My story-based writing system removes sales resistance.  People don’t feel like their being sold to.  They believe they’re being empathized with and you have the solution to their problems.



“Clyde wrote two e-mails that led to conversations bringing in over $11,000,000 in insurance policies since May of 2015.”


Larry Kalahiki
Farmers Insurance


“Clyde’s writing can help you bring in new buyers. Don’t pass up a chance to work with him.”


Lee Campbell
Director of Products and Marketing
Business Financial Publishing



1. E-mail: Write, “Consultation” in the subject line.

2. Messaging on Facebook:

3. Phone: 253.394.2750

4. Request your free subscription to “The Empowerment Letter” at  In the subject line write, “Empower Me”.


Clyde McDade
E-mail Wordsmith & Adviser
Beach House Creative

“Inspiring people to buy from you.”

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