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Follow Up with Social Media

I know you’re busy, so I’ll get to the point. If you’re using social media to reach customers and prospects, here are some best practices for following up. Failing to follow-up will cost you money. I have tested them and know they work.


Step #1: Follow Up Within 72 Hours

I learned this lesson from a brilliant Sales Manager. She said, “Clyde, if you don’t follow up within 72 hours, people won’t be interested.” I’ll go one step further. If you don’t follow up within this time frame, your competitors will. What will that cost you? In today’s economy, no business can afford to assume they will always have customers and prospects. We’re all REPLACEABLE.


Step #2: Give Them Something Useful

People have problems you can solve. When someone shows an interest in your product or service, give them something they can use to solve their problem, immediately. Tell them it’s your “thank you” for contacting you. If you’re a restaurant, how about sending a free e-book on how to prepare meals for on the go? Other useful “gifts” can be helpful articles, podcasts or videos. It pays to help people solve their problems.


Step #3: Offer an Invitation

Are you hosting an upcoming webinar or meeting? Invite your customers and prospects. This is the chance to “show them”, how you can help them. Encourage and reward them to invite others to attend. Again, you’re offering them information they can use. But you’re also demonstrating your products and services.


Step #4: Make a Unique Offer

What can you offer them your competitors can’t? What can you offer your competitors can, but haven’t? Do you know why women say “yes” to men who ask for their hand in marriage? She knows he is offering her something she can’t or won’t get from another man. It’s the same in business. Your uniqueness needs to shine through. If not, the next word in your audience brain is………….NEXT!


Eye-Opening Follow-Up Numbers

Here are some sales stats that opened my eyes recently. Just when you think you know all there is to know about marketing and sales, something like this hits you between the eyes.


Two numbers yanked me by the eyeballs. First, 48% of salespeople don’t follow up with a prospect. Second, 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact! Bottom line, social media is more than Tweets and Likes. You’re still responsible for following up in a timely and helpful manner.



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