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Email Campaigns

There’s a smart way to reach people with e-mail campaigns.  Combine them with video.  When you send an e-mail ad include a video link.  It should link to a specific product, service or customer testimonial.

Remember something about people. If they can see themselves enjoying your product or service, you have a higher chance of gaining their business.  You’ll be able to reach them and send new offers.

I’ve written e-mail campaigns since 2006.  I know how to write e-mail campaigns that will get response.  They’ll be easy to read and share the top advantages of buying what you’re offering.  Below are some benefits of e-mail campaigns.

  • Minimum cost and set up
  • Reaches targeted buyers looking for your products and services
  • They’re 92% cheaper than traditional advertising
  • Can be tested for maximum reach and profitability
  • Advertises your products, services and events
  • Tailored to specific types of buyers
  • Puts you ahead of your competitors
  • Attracts qualified buyers looking for your product or service

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