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Auto Responders

Do you want to reach new customers without breaking the bank?  Reach out to them using auto responder e-mails.  What are they?  An e-mail auto responder is a series of e-mails you send to travelers.  It contains your offer and other useful information.  Done right your series of e-mails can increase response to your online advertising.

They can be used any time you’re starting a new e-mail campaign.  With each one your copy should be fresh, engaging and memorable.  For auto responders that help you stay in touch with customers, contact me today.  I look forward to helping you succeed.

  • Establishes ongoing contact with current customers
  • Alerts customers to new products, services and events
  • Keeps customers updated on your offers
  • Automatically sent, so you don’t have to worry
  • Provides immediate and beneficial information

Get more travelers in the door.  Contact me for response-driven e-mail auto responders.



Clyde McDade
E-mail Wordsmith & Adviser
Beach House Creative

“Inspiring people to buy from you.”


“Generating leads and sales.”







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