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E-mail Copywriting

I increase your conversions and revenue through e-mail copywriting. If you’re a business, newsletter or information publisher, you know e-mail marketing is about results. Not just opens and clicks.

I write e-mails designed to bring you more subscribers, buyers and money. To date I’ve produced over $11,000,000.00 in revenue for my clients through story-based, e-mail copywriting.

E-mail Copywriting Testimonials

“Clyde wrote two e-mails targeting prospects for my life insurance policy campaign. Since May of 2015, I’ve gotten eleven policies totaling approximately $11,000,000.00.”

Mr. Larry Kalahiki, Farmers Insurance

“Clyde’s writing can help you bring in new buyers.
Don’t pass up a chance to work with him.”

Lee Campbell
Director of Products & Marketing
Business Financial Publishing

There are three key reasons e-mail messages are the most effective way to attract people to your business.

1. Start a Relationship with New Prospects and Customers

People buy from those they like and trust. If you try to sell them something on the “first date”, they will pass you buy for someone else. E-mail messages allow you to send useful content new prospects and customers can use. This builds trust with you, leading to potential sales.

2. Keep Your Subscribers Informed

Your e-mail messages give you the power to inform your subscribers about information in their best interests. These include news on your latest books, events, products, services and more. If your subscribers feel informed they’re more apt to buy and tell others to do the same.

3. Promotes Cross-Channel Marketing Efforts

You can embed links of landing pages, websites and social media channels into your e-mail messages. Done right your cross-channel marketing efforts can bring more subscribers and sales.

Are you ready to add more subscribers, buyers and money to your business? Send an e-mail to . In the subject line put, “More Subscribers”. Thank you and I look forward to working you.


Clyde McDade
E-mail Wordsmith & Adviser
Beach House Creative

“Inspiring people to buy from you.”

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