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Direct Mail Isn’t Dead Folks!

Don’t let Facebook, Twitter and YouTube fool you. Direct mail is still alive in kicking in the marketplace. Learn what the experts had to say about direct mail. What you learn may surprise you. But one thing is for sure. Direct mail remains a targeted way to reach the audiences you want.

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Getting the Most Out of Twitter Chats

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Social Media Strategies 2017



Can you believe it’s about to be 2017? I’m telling ya 2016 shot by like a rocket! And look at the events that took place before our very eyes! Donald Trump in the White House, Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA title and the list goes on and on.

This got me thinking about my social media strategy for 2017. What do I need to do different? What should go, what should stay?

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to social media marketing, I love to think outside the box. That’s for another time, but here are three social media strategies I plan on getting better at in 2017. They’re simple, fun, informative and can drive a ton of business.

Strategy #1: Use Video

In 2016 I was shy about using video in my Facebook posts. Well guess what? I’m going to get my “Bold On” and share helpful marketing and writing tips through video. Turns out I’m not a bad speaker and people tend to like it when they can see me in living color. I’ll keep them short, to the point and useful. Let’s not forget Google owns YouTube, so this can help my Page rank and more.

Strategy #2: Provide Links in Posts

I don’t always add web links or “doors” in my social media posts. My goal is to educate, but I know better. When doing a social media post, add a link to allow readers to learn more about a topic. And they can buy what they need to build their own business.

Strategy #3: LinkedIn

I have to admit I haven’t scratched the surface of this valuable social media tool! But I’ll change that in 2017. I want to add a “Prezi” and helpful videos to my LinkedIn profile. Plus, I will learn more about how to effectively use LinkedIn going forward.

What’s My Goal In All This?

What’s my goal in all of this change? Simple. I want to know more about the channels I use to market myself. There are plenty of ways to market yourself. But guess what? The ones that drive in the most business are the ones you consistently use.

How about you? What are some social media strategies you plan on using in 2017? Feel free to share them on Facebook or send me an e-mail at I’d love to know!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Establish Visibility

Imagine this. You’re at a networking function for your industry.  A colleague you don’t know comes up, hands you a card and tries to get an appointment to sell you something.  Question.  Do you feel annoyed, pressured or both? Most professionals I know would be looking for the door! Why?

They didn’t Establish Visibility with you.


The First Rule of Networking

It doesn’t matter how great you are at what you do, never sell someone when you first meet. Establish visibility first. Here are a three key reasons why.

Key Reason #1: Common Ground

Before I do business with anyone, I want to know what we have in common. Are you a Seahawk fan? What’s your favorite movie? Finding common ground is the best “ice breaker” there is. It’s not stale and doesn’t sound salesy.  This works, because we want to know people like ourselves.

Key Reason #2: Nobody Wants to be Sold

You network to start and develop relationships, not make a sale.  The sale will come later.  A “Master Networker” doesn’t meet people to close sales.  They think long-term. Ironically, this approach increases your chances of making ongoing sales.

Key Reason #3: You Will Be Liked

You buy from people you like, first.  You buy products and services, second.  When you let people you  meet talk about themselves and don’t try to sell them, they will like you. The more they like you the more likely they will buy from you.


How to Establish Visibility

Step #1: Attractive Name Tag

Let’s say you’re specialty is weight loss.  What if your name tag read: “I can help you lose weight.” That’s more attractive than your name, title or business name.  People buy benefits and results.

Step #2: Give

Yes, give them something they can use to improve their lives today.  Free subscriptions to your newsletter, podcast or video series are examples.  People don’t forget when you’re trying to help them.

Step #3: Follow Up

It seems simple, but the #1 skill you need to master is following up. When you don’t it tells people you don’t care.  It says, meeting someone wasn’t important to you.  Follow up with a reminder e-mail, thank you card, etc.  This can keep you top-of-mind.

Next time we will look at three more ways to be visible to clients and prospects.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Did you know each person is hit with an average of 2,000-6,000 advertising messages, daily?
Your “Old Brain”, which makes your decisions filters them out.   In a sea of advertising messages,
how can you help your health-based business stand out?

The best way is to focus on staying top-of-mind.


Education=Top-of-Mind Status

Health-based businesses have an edge over most other businesses.   They’re “education-based”.
If you’re a health practitioner, doesn’t your clientele pay attention when you’re giving them health advice?  They pay attention, because what you say affects their present and future.

This is why Education=Top-of-Mind Status.   You want to be the first health-based business your customers think of when they have a need.   It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, health supplement company or Massage Therapist.  Make this your top goal for marketing your health-based business.  Otherwise your customers and prospects will choose your competition.  You will be making a wise move when you decide to do education videos.


YouTube Matters

Here are some quick stats on the effectiveness of YouTube.   This marketing channel keeps growing.

  • The number of people watching YouTube has increased by 40% since March of 2014


  • YouTube has over a billion users–almost a third of all people on the Internet–and every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos and generate billions of views


  • YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-old’s than any cable network in the U.S.

Growth in watch time on YouTube has accelerated and is up at least 50% year on year for three years straight.

Okay, so how do you do it?

Education Videos in Three Steps

Step #1: Choose Your Audience

Don’t make educational videos for any audience.   Choose the audience you want to establish
expertise with.   Do you have a new line of nutritional supplements?   Create an education video
series on it for new customers and prospects.   Your videos will be relevant and useful to them.

Step #2: Choose a Topic

What topic do you want to educate your customers and prospects on?   Your first series of videos
should start here.   It needs to be a “primal topic”.   Primal refers to deep needs we all identify with.
These include food, shelter, clothing and others.   Each one has specific emotions attached to them.  The more primal the topic the more viewership you will get.

Step #3: Create Your Call-to-Action

All of your advertising and marketing channels should have a call-to-action.  What do you want
viewers of your videos to do after they watch?   Do you want them to call, e-mail or text?   Is
there an online form you want them to fill out?   Give them easy-to-follow instruction at the end
of each video.

Next time we will learn how many videos should be in an education video series.

Grow | Live | Succeed.

Use the “Hidden Ace”

Don’t tell me.  Every time you get “snail mail”, you toss it in the recycle bin.  That may be your habit, but not the habit of other consumers.

Did you know 55% of consumers look forward to getting their snail mail?  Also, 78% of Chief Marketing Officers, believe the custom content direct mail offers is, the future of marketing.  Find out why this forgotten medium is the Hidden Ace of marketing strategies at:

It’s easy to “follow the herd” when it comes to marketing your business.  But guess what?  Those “tortoise strategies” can pay off in a big way.  Direct mail is the offline strategy you can use to target and persuade audiences to buy from you today.

Where Are You Headed?

Hello Health Marketer,

I have a question for you? It’s simple, but critical.

Usually, this would mean your business goals and other factors.
But that’s not what I’m getting at. I want to drill down on this.

I’m talking about for every health product or service you promote,
where are you headed with it? Here are three things to consider.


Every person who buys from you can buy more if you offer what they want.
The truth is they want to. This means their long-term-value can increase, yearly.

For example a customer who spends $50.00 on one health product may spend $75.00
if they were satisfied with the first product they bought. The more what you sell them
solves their problems the more they’ll buy.

On a quarterly and yearly basis, pay close attention to each customers long-term-value.
It will show you where you’re headed with specific health products and services.


It’s one thing to promise great health products and services. It’s another to deliver them.
This ranges from how fast people get their order after buying off your website or if they’re getting
the e-mail campaigns they opted-in to get from you.

Free or not, you want to insure, your deliverability is high. Get back to customers right away.
If they expect to receive their order in seven days, make sure it’s not ten days. Free reports
should be downloaded a few seconds after they give you their name and e-mail. You get the point.

Customer Service

This sounds like deliverability, but it’s different. This goes beyond the written word
in an e-mail campaign or on a website. Once people respond to your written or visual messages
how are they treated by your frontline people?

Behind or in front of the counter, customer service is critical. People who have a good or bad
experience with your company will tell others. For the record they tell more than three or ten
people they know. They tell everyone they know! Facebook comes to mind, doesn’t it?

Keep your eye on these critical factors going forward in your health marketing.
You will be surprised at the results if you practice them.

Have a profitable week!

Use Exclusivity

Hello Fellow Business Owner,

Lately I’ve gotten many requests for my Marketing Advisory Service.  Business owners want direction and results from their marketing efforts.  It’s a fun job!

There’s something I always encourage my clients to add.  It’s a tool so lucrative it can make you wealthy over time. 

I encourage them to use exclusivity.

Listen my friend, if you’re great at what you do exclusivity is the way to go.  Have you ever been to Wal Mart?  You could walk down the aisles naked and their staff may not notice you.  Everything there can be found anywhere.

It shouldn’t be that way with you and your services.  How do you create exclusivity?  Here are three of many steps.  I’ll show you how to do this in more posts.

How to Create Exclusivity

Step #1: Choose the Affluent

In the world of “Likes” and “Tweets”, let’s make something clear.  The two key factors in ROI is response and Long-Term-Value.  Meaning how much a new customer spends with you over time. 

To increase this part of your business market to the affluent.  They love, pay for and keep coming back for exclusivity.

Step #2: Believe in Yourself and Business

It amazes me how top-notch professionals in health, retail and self-help, give away their services.  They do this with “free consultations”, etc.  It happens, because they lack confidence and belief in themselves and what they do.

The more you believe in who are you and what you offer the more you’ll make.  The affluent love a good deal.  But they pay more for confidence.  Confidence says, what you have is the best and will give long-term value.

Step #3: Create a “Red Door”

Imagine a row of houses with doors.  The rest are plain white.  One is painted red.  Which one will grab your attention?  The red door of course.  With exclusivity create a “Red Door” showing people this is the way to a high value experience.  Without it they’ll pass your business by like a white door.

Use Exclusivity.

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