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Important “Website Questions”

Have you answered seven important website questions? Find out what they are at . Why are these questions important? Because, these are the questions, readers and customers are asking!  Find out what the 7 questions are and answer them.  Your web response may depend on it.

7 Website Questions, here.

Large Fines for Google and Facebook?

Uh, oh!  Unlike the U.S., Europe is not too happy with the policies of Google and Facebook.  According to the article at, Europe’s regulators see their terms and policies as contrary to their laws.  The biggest law they believe Google and Facebook are violating?  Privacy Laws!

Find out what’s on the horizon in this worrisome article, here.

Is Snapchat Falling Short?

According to an article in, Snapchat isn’t impressing marketers like it should. Could this mean the death of a quirky but used social media platform? Get the low down in this surprising article.

Snapchat article, here.


Revealing E-mail Stats

Wait until you see the revealing 2016 e-mail stats from the Data & Marketing Association. Some highlights include…

*Almost 50% of consumers expect to get promotional e-mails from companies, weekly

*The average open rate for the retail industry is 15.43%

*53% of marketers say an e-mail specific landing page is the most effective way to build their lists

And wait until you read what the #1 barrier to a successful e-mail campaign is!

Get the details here

YouTube for Marketing Online?

Do you use YouTube to market your business online? Find out what blueleadz thinks about it. In the article “The 7 Benefits of Using YouTube To Market Your Business Online”, you will learn how to make the most of YouTube for your business.

7 YouTube Benefits.

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead Folks!

Don’t let Facebook, Twitter and YouTube fool you. Direct mail is still alive in kicking in the marketplace. Learn what the experts had to say about direct mail. What you learn may surprise you. But one thing is for sure. Direct mail remains a targeted way to reach the audiences you want.

Get the stats, here.

Getting the Most Out of Twitter Chats

Do the chats on Twitter confuse you? Feel like you want to run and hide on Facebook instead? Now you can make sense of all the chatter on Twitter for success. Check out the article “7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Twitter Chats.” You can find it at the top social site, Social Media Today.

Enjoy your 7 Tips.

Avoid the “7 Deadly Sins”

Our friends at Marketing Land have done it again! Check out this article if you practice mobile advertising. Marketing Land’s article, “Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Mobile Performance Marketing” will open your eyes. Find out if you’re hurting your mobile marketing and how to fix it.

Repent and profit, here..

50,000 E-mail Subscribers?

Imagine having a list this large for your business!  If you’re an author or publisher maybe this is nothing.  But what happens next once you have a list this size?  Find out in this article from Marketing Land. In it you’ll learn the next steps for using, managing and profiting from a huge e-mail list.

50,000 e-mail subscribers.

Your E-mail Marketing To-Do List

If you’re an author, publisher or business owner, you’ll enjoy today’s article. It’s posted at a top digital marketing site called, Marketing Land. Make no mistake this site has more info on digital marketing like e-mail that will help you grow your business. Check out the insightful article, “7 Easy Wins to Add to Your E-mail Marketing To-Do List.”

Learn your 7 easy wins for e-mail marketing.

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