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E-mail and Website Copywriting

WHAT I DO: I write promotion e-mails and websites that attract people who want solutions to their unique challenges and problems.  I show my clients how to properly use e-mail and website marketing to attract the … [Read More...]


Here are testimonials from some of my clients. I've written website copy, email campaigns, and ads that have brought them response. Read these testimonials and choose me for your web copywriting … [Read More...]

Ad Samples

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Large Fines for Google and Facebook?

Uh, oh!  Unlike the U.S., Europe is not too happy with the policies of Google and Facebook.  According to the article at … [Read More...]

Is Snapchat Falling Short?

According to an article in, Snapchat isn't impressing marketers like it should. Could this mean the death … [Read More...]

Revealing E-mail Stats

Wait until you see the revealing 2016 e-mail stats from the Data & Marketing Association. Some highlights … [Read More...]

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E-mail Conversions and Revenue

Featured Articles

Important “Website Questions”

Have you answered seven important website questions? Find out what they are at . Why … [Read More...]

YouTube for Marketing Online?

Do you use YouTube to market your business online? Find out what blueleadz thinks about it. In the article … [Read More...]

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead Folks!

Don't let Facebook, Twitter and YouTube fool you. Direct mail is still alive in kicking in the marketplace. … [Read More...]

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Website Marketing Services

The “Storytelling System” May I Inspire The Right People To Buy from You Today? In April of 2016 an Insurance Agent in Washington state hired me to write two lead generation e-mails for his business. The goal was to persuade … [Read More...]

Website Copywriting

There’s more to your website content than just keywords. Your web copy should attract qualified buyers like pollen attracts bees. Website copywriting can give you the following benefits. Trigger the dominant emotion in qualified buyers, so they … [Read More...]

Ad Copywriting

Ad copywriting may be the “secret weapon” of savvy business owners. Why? The right print or online ad gets to the point. It quickly grabs attention and creates desire to buy.   Ad copywriting can bring your business and wallet a host of benefits. … [Read More...]

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